The Era of Smart Chip - 2018 Security China


October 26, 2018, the four-day 2018 China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security ("2018 Security China") was successfully closed at the China International Exhibition Centre (New Hall) in Beijing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly the core topic of this exhibition. Just as  the mobile phone is migrating from the “functional” to “intelligent”, similar changes are also undergoing for the security sector .

Product highlights

1/1.8’’ super large starlight-level image sensor chip

The 1/1.8’’ series super large starlight-level image sensor chip is an unprecedented product designed for intelligent security. By using BSI back-illuminated technology and unique new sensor design architecture, we enhanced not only the sensitivity, but also the signal-to-noise ratio and the dynamic range output capability; these enhancements dramatically improved the adaptability of intelligent security camera under dark light and backlight conditions.

New 4K image sensor chip

In this exhibition, SmartSens also displayed a new ultra-high-definition 4K@30 frame image sensor chip. On top of the premise imaging need, the 1/2.7’’ optical size also allows the application system to work with more high performance lenses of the same size; this bridge is highly demanded in the high-resolution video consumer market. The live demonstration of this product attracts many potential customers with lots of inquires of the product details.


Media from the security industry were attracted by the series of outstanding products released by SmartSens. With the rise of the intelligence trends, image sensors, as the "eyes" of artificial intelligence and machine vision, are gradually shifting from a set of visual perception tools to a service role that improves our daily life, and their application scenarios are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly rich. SmartSens has foreseen the AI development trend in the field, we recognize these trends not only as marketing opportunities, but also as our chances to serve the society.  With this in mind, SmartSens continues our R&D efforts aiming at delivering more cutting-edge BSI products with lower cost, higher performance, and wider.