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AI Series

Advanced Imaging Series
Our customers’ perspectives are our perspectives
Focusing on high-end CMOS image sensors for fast-changing advanced security applications
Security monitoring
Full-color night vision
Be moved by the delicate details
under the stars
Shot on a device with SC500AI at Mount Mogan
The AI series has significantly improved the image quality over our previous generation of products.
AI Series
Previous Generation Products
Sensitivity increased by
AI Series
Previous Generation Products
Reading Noise reduced by
AI Series
Previous Generation Products
Dark Current @80C Reduced by
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SmartClarity® SC200AI2MP 1/2.8"2.9μmRollingYes1928Hx1088V60fps15°DVP MIPICSP41Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC230AI2MP 1/2.8"2.9µmRollingYes1928Hx1088V60fps15°DVP MIPICSP41Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC400AI4MP 1/3"2.0μmRollingYes2568Hx1448V60fps15°MIPICSP35Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC401AI4MP 1/3"2.0μmRolling2568Hx1448V30fps15°MIPICSP35Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC430AI4MP 1/2.9"2.0µmRollingYes2696Hx1528V60fps15°MIPICSP41Contact Sales
SmartClarity® SC450AI4MP 1/1.8″2.9µmRollingYes2688Hx1520V60fpsMIPI DVP LVDSCSP70Contact Sales
SmartClarity® SC500AI5MP 1/2.7"2.0μmRollingYes2888Hx1628V60fps15°MIPICSP41Contact Sales
SmartClarity® SC501AI5MP 1/2.7"2.0µmRolling 2888Hx1628V30fps15°MIPICSP41Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC530AI5MP 1/2.7"2.0µmRollingYes2884Hx1624V60fps15°MIPICSP41Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC830AI8MP 1/2.7"1.5μmRollingYes3840Hx2160V30fps15°MIPICSP41Contact Sales