Life knows no bounds when you can capture
what is beyond your ability to see

A visual feast.
Modern smartphones have more cameras than ever before—providing a new stage for CMOS image sensors.

Multi-Camera Ensemble

Giving you a full range of groundbreaking photo technology
CMOS sensors provide modern smartphones with richer and more capable shooting modes—capturing the vibrant and colorful experiences that enrich our lives.
High frame rate CMOS image sensor
Multiple cameras work seamlessly together to produce beautiful photos that rival SLR camera output. With high frame rate CMOS image sensors, you can even shoot your own slow-motion blockbusters!
Every photo is a work of art
With better image sensors come finer image quality
High dynamic range imaging
Loss of highlights
Loss of shadow details
High-end CMOS image sensors with ultra-high dynamic range and
advanced algorithms bring highlights and shadows into view.
Support for 3D recognition technology
Making smartphone payments and image unlocking more secure
and more convenient than ever
Technology highlights:
Super starlight night vision technology
Ultra-high dynamic range technology
Near infrared enhancement technology
RGBIR technology
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