Chips Change Machine Vision World - SmartSens Stands Shining in ITE 2018


Hosted by Japan Committee of Image Equipment and Technology (organized by JIIA), the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2018 (ITE 2018) was held in Yokohama, Japan from December 5 to December 7.

As the leading CMOS image sensor supplier, SmartSens participated in the event again this year and showcased the classic SmartGSTM series for AI applications and the brand new 1/1.8’’ starlight RS series, which attracted a large number of professional visitors.

 01  | Cutting-edge technologies

1/1.8’’ Starlight RS series

This series is designed to achieve clear and identifiable image recognition in low light or no light condition in 1/1.8’’ optical size. Featuring a high resolution of 4 MP pixel and high performance in night vision, it innovatively combines BSI pixel technology with CMOS image sensor to expand the application of machine vision in unfavorable light environments. The latest release of the product SC4210 is displayed in the spotlight.

SmartGS™ series

This series is equipped with Global Shutter CMOS image sensor based on BSI technology. With excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), ultra-high sensitivity, and single-frame HDR, it can capture  key image data and complete details of rapid moving objects, providing core and reliable data source for the AI algorithm and effectively increasing the scene adaptability of AI applications.

02  | Chip innovation and prospects

Nowadays, China is becoming one of the most active regions in the world for machine vision development. Machine vision has been applied to various industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, military, aerospace, meteorology, astronomy, public security, transportation, security, and scientific research, all involving the use of image sensor. Users’ demands for cost-effective, high-performance, and wide-application image sensors will drive us to develop new products applicable to the market.

As the leading role of the core components of visual applications, SmartSens will make continuous investment in the R&D and innovation technologies for CMOS image sensors. Based on the concept of “service to the trend of application technology”, SmartSens is committed to creating a better life for the public through our unremitting efforts in the field of image sensor technology.