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Provide high-quality imaging
performance for smartphone cameras

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CS Series

Meet the unique individual needs of smartphone users
provide industry-leading high-quality imaging performance for smartphone cameras
Quality Imaging
Great night photography

Excellent night vision captures the soul of the night

Shot on a device with the SC500CS sensor in Puxi, Shanghai
Better SNR and DR greatly elevates image quality
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Read Noise Reduce
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Dynamic Range Promote
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FPN Reduce
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Max SNR Promote

With the PDAF technology, mesmerizing moments are captured instantly

PDAF Technology

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PixelArrayMax FrameRateCRAInterfacePackageDownloadContact Us
SmartClarity®-2NewSC501CS5MP 1/5"1.12μmRolling2600Hx1952V30fps31.87°MIPICOB/RWContact Sales
SmartPixel™SC200CS2MP 1/5.1"1.75µmRolling1608Hx1208V30fps31.5°MIPICSP/COBContact Sales
DSI-2SC201CS2MP 1/5.1"1.75μmRolling1608Hx1208V30fps31.5°MIPICSP/COB/RWContact Sales
SmartPixel™SC500CS5MP 1/5"1.12µmRolling2600Hx1952V30fps31.9°MIPICSP/COBContact Sales
SmartPixel™SC800CS8MP 1/4"1.12µmRolling3280Hx2464V30fps32.55°MIPICOBContact Sales
SmartPixel™SC1300CS13MP 1/3.06"1.12µmRolling4216Hx3128V30fps33.2°MIPICOBContact Sales
SmartPixel™SC1301CS13MP 1/3.06"1.12µmRolling4216Hx3128V30fps33.2°MIPICOBContact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC1600CS16MP 1/3.06"1.0μmRolling4656Hx3096V60fps33.98°MIPICOB/RWContact Sales