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Industrial-Grade Linear Sensor

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The Wide Use of Linear Sensor in Industrial Applications

Many industrial applications require continuous inspection of materials, such as round metal cans, car doors moving on production lines, cloth on conveyor belts, etc. Since the object to be detected moves at a constant speed, one or more line scan cameras are used to achieve surface inspection through their continuous line scanning. The line scan camera’s horizontal resolution can be in the thousands (e.g. 4K), and hence its micron-level measurement precision, which makes it ideal for those industrial applications.

Multiple operating modes available with the advanced multilinear structure
1-Line/2-Line/3-Line Mono Modes
Bilinear Color Mode
Trilinear Color Mode

Area Sensors in Industrial Applications

Area scan cameras, a type of industrial camera, are also widely used in industrial automation applications. Area scan cameras feature continuous image capture of an area, which enables product inspection through the sensor’s one-time image output of the entire object.
Industrial area sensors deliver precise images for object measurements, e.g. shape, size, area, distance, angle, intersection, etc., thereby empowering intelligent automation applications such as position measurement, and defect inspection.

Technology Spotlight
High stability
High precision
High line rate
Low noise
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