SmartSens Technology Brings New Innovation, New World and New Future to CPSE 2019


From October 28-31, the 17th annual China Public Security Expo (CPSE 2019) took place in Shenzhen, China. SmartSens Technology, a leading supplier of high-performance CMOS image sensors , presented their theme “New Innovation, New World, New Future” and hosted the “SmartSens Partnership Meeting” (SPM) to share with participants its cutting edge innovations and its vision toward China’s imaging industry development trends. Inside the expo, SmartSens also set up four major exhibition regions to demonstrate the technologies and products by the company and its partners.

SPM – SmartSens together with leading CIS Manufacturing and SOC Partner to address major technology trends

On the 29th, in SPM keynote speech, CEO and Founder Dr. Chen Xu shared SmartSens’ technological innovations , he also presented new products and shared the company’s development plan.

Dr. Xu expressed: ”Through close partnership with local and international chip fabrication foundries, packaging and testing companies, SmartSens is able to realized its full capacity to support the clients. In addition, Quality Assurance is one of SmartSens primary focuses, which includes comprehensive evaluation of suppliers, and establish systematic procedures to improve reliability, perform different high/low temperature, aging, consistency and other product level testing.  Through our dedication to quality, SmartSens has won recognition from many major clients.”

Exhibits Display SmartSens’ Complete Line of Products 

At Booth 6B30 in Hall 6, SmartSens showcased its newest offerings:

1.  New World Area Showcased SmartPixel-2™ DSI Technology Product Series

SmartSens’  DSI imaging technology, known as SmartPixel-2™, was showcased in large-scale.  This new technology has improved product performance compared to previous generation in terms of Sensitivity (2x increased), dark current (reduced by 5 times) and Signal-to-Noise ratio is also improved.

2. New Intelligence Area Showcased SmartGS™ BSI-Based Global Shutter Applications

Global Shutter CIS products, namely SmartGS™ series from SmartSens, are  adopted in many commercial applications such as drones, electronic payment with facial recognition and factory automation with high frame rate video capture.  The undistorted imaging ability can greatly improve machine vision or AI algorithm productivity and hence is becoming a major element in today’s new lifestyle.

3. New Future Area Showcased Automotive & New Core Technologies

On display were LED Flicker Suppression technology, HDR sensors for automotive applications, Super-starlight camera and H-series products:

·  CMOS Sensors outfitted with LED Flicker Suppression (LFS) technology – enabled by SmartSens QCell™ technology – are equipped to address the common issue of LED flicker and thus improving the effectiveness and safety of both Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV);

·  Automotive HDR sensors – outfitted with SmartSens PixGain HDR technology – are capable of realistically capture fast moving objects in low and high lighted environment without motion blur;

·  Benefit by a large optical format 1080P super-starlight sensor, low light night vision video capture is effortless in security surveillance applications, and industrial cameras;

·  SmartClarity® H-series BSI products have improved IQ performance even under extreme hot temperatures.

4. New Partnerships Area Themed as Win-win for Both Clients and Industry

On display were reference designs using SmartSens’ sensors by partners ams Semiconductors and MEMSDrive.  A cost-effective 3D stereo face ID application and a MEMS based anti-shake solution were showcased.

SmartSens Stands as CIS Leader in China’s Security Industry 

At CPSE 2019, SmartSens was recognized for its constant creativity and contribution to the Public Safety industry, the SC132GS sensor, has won both the “2019 CPSE Golden Cauldron Award” and “2019 China Public Security Most Innovative Company Award.” The SC132GS, in combining Global Shutter and Stacked BSI designs, by reducing pixel size and power consumption, not only optimize shutter efficiency and sensitivity, it also reduce light leakage and noise, which address multiple common issues, such as “Jelly Effect”, making it the ideal sensor for future 5G and AI-enabled smart applications.

SmartSens CMO Chris Yiu expressed her optimism for the future, stating, “In the 30 years of CPSE, China’s security sector has witnessed the transformation from analogization to digital high-definition, which will undoubtedly become the focus of the industry for years to come. Looking ahead, we are committed to developing the next generation of ‘smart sensors’ driving the growth of China’s security industry by realizing the potential of artificial intelligence.”