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SmartGS® Series

Leading consumer-grade global shutter image sensor technology
SmartSens combines back-illuminated (BSI) pixel design and Global Shutter image sensor
technology to deliver superior signal-to-noise ratios, higher sensitivity,
and a greater dynamic range.Powering tomorrow’s intelligent appliances.
Sweeping robots
Smart logistics
Smart ID payments


Pixel Design Technology
Ensuring excellent image quality
with high sensitivity and leading signal-to-noise
ratios in low light environments

Global Shutter

Integrating single-frame HDR technology
Guaranteeing accurate image acquisition in
complex applications and lighting conditions
With high-yield image processing and versatility across complex lighting conditions, the GS series produces accurate and undistorted high-quality images for a wide range of applications.
Up to
image acquisition
Greater than
shutter efficiency
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PixelArrayMax FrameRateCRAInterfacePackageDownloadContact Us
SmartGS®SC031GS0.3MP 1/6"3.75μmGlobalYes640Hx480V240fps33°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP/COBContact Sales
SmartGS®SC130GS1.3MP 1/2.7"4.0μmGlobalYes1280Hx1024V240fpsMIPI DVP LVDSCLCCContact Sales
SmartGS®SC132GS1.3MP 1/4"2.7μmGlobalYes1080Hx1280V120fps25°MIPI LVDSCOB/Fan-outContact Sales
SmartGS®SC133GS1.3MP 1/4″2.7μmGlobalYes1080Hx1280V120fps25°MIPI LVDSFan-outContact Sales
SmartGS®-2SC350HGS3MP 2/3″4.2μmGlobal1768Hx1768V75fpsMIPI LVDSCLGAContact Sales
SmartGS®-2SC410GS4MP 1/1.3″4.2μmGlobalYes1752Hx2336V50fpsMIPI LVDSCLGAContact Sales
SmartGS®-2SC650HGS6MP 1″4.0μmGlobal2896Hx2176V65fpsMIPI LVDSCLGAContact Sales
SmartGS®-2SC910GS9MP 1.1"4.0µmGlobalYes3856Hx2368V50fpsMIPI LVDSCLGAContact Sales
SmartGS®-2SC950HGS9MP 1.1″4,0μmGlobal3856Hx2368V65fpsMIPI LVDSCLGAContact Sales