SFCPixel® Technologies
SmartSens’ unique SFCPixel® technology obtains higher voltages by shortening the distance between the Source Follower (SF) and the PhotoDiode (PD), achieving higher sensitivity and better night vision imaging.
PixGainTM Technologies
Combining High Gain and Low Gain, PixGain Technologies achieve exceptional imaging at night and in low-light conditions while capturing fine details during daytime and in glaring light.

Converging HDR Technologies

With an array of professional HDR technologies, including PixGain HDR® Multi-Exposure Staggered HDR and Single-Frame Gain-Based HDR without time interval , SmartSens ensures that the image sensor is able to cope with complex and changeable lighting environments, and empower a range of demanding applications.
Lowlight detail
Highlight detail

Reveal extraordinary details—in every light

Global Shutter
Capture every magical moment
The Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor from SmartSens produces ultra-sharp images without distortion on high-speed objects
Rolling Shutter Image distortion
Global Shutter No tail shadows or image distortion

LFS Technology
LED Flicker Suppression

Great LED Flicker Suppression with Qcell™ Technology
The multi-exposure mode addresses the LED flicker issue, increases the dynamic range and eliminates image smearing—all leading to better applicability of the vehicle scenes.
Normal Exposure

Long Exposure
Normal View
(No LED flicker suppression)
Corrected View
(LED flicker suppression ON)
QE | Quantum efficiency
Non-NIR enhancement technology
SmartSens Lightbox IR® technology
Lightbox IR®
NIR Enhancement Technology
Quantum efficiency in the range of 850 to 940nm by
X2 Times