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Spark endless possibilities in the

Automotive Industry

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AT Series

Groundbreaking innovation and cutting-edge imaging
technology—from personal automobiles to entire intelligent transportation systems
Pedestrian monitoring
Lane-change assistance
Reverse driving assistance
360° surround view
Blind spot detectionBlind spot detectionBlind spot detectionBlind spot detection
Front view Park assist system
360° surround view
Pedestrian warning
With ultra-high dynamic range, SmartSens’AT series products deliver clear images and
delicate details in even the most extreme lighting conditions.
Ultra-high dynamic range up
Read noise
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SmartClarity®-2SC130AT1.3MP 1/3"3.75μmRollingYes1304Hx984V30fpsMIPI DVP LVDSCSP-Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC100AT1.3MP 1/3.7"3.0µmRollingYes1288Hx968V30fps15°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP/IBGA/COB/RWContact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC120AT1.3MP 1/3.7"3.0µmRollingYes1288Hx968V30fps15°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP/IBGA/COB/RWContact Sales
DSI-1SC1330AT1.3MP 1/2.8"4.0μmRollingYes1288Hx968V60fps15°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP41Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC2331AT2MP 1/2.8"2.9μmRollingYes1920Hx1080V60fps15°MIPI DVPCSP41Contact Sales
SmartGS™-2SC233AT2.3MP 1/2.6"3.0μmGlobalYes1928Hx1208V60fps15°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP48-Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC220AT2.5MP 1/2.57"3.0μmRollingYes1940H×1300V30fps15°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP/iBGA-Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC320AT3MP 1/2.44"3.0μmRollingYes1940H×1556V30fps19°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP/iBGAContact Sales
SmartGS™-2 PlusSC533AT5MP 1/2.53"2.2μmGlobal2592Hx1944V60fps15°MIPI DVP LVDSCSP-Contact Sales
SmartClarity®-2SC850AT8.3MP 1/1.73"2.1μmRollingYes3856H×2176V30fps18°MIPIiBGA-Contact Sales