SmartSens Unveils 8K and 16K Linear CMOS Image Sensors for Industrial Line Scan Cameras


Shanghai, China, September 19, 2023 SmartSens Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE STAR MARKET: 688213), a technologically advanced CMOS image sensor supplier, recently announced two new additions to SmartSens Linear Sensor (LA) Series, the 8K resolution SC830LA and the 16K resolution SC1630LA. Utilizing SmartSens’ proprietary technologies including SmartClarity®-3 and analog circuit, the two BSI image sensors with stitching process incorporate high Quantum Efficiency (QE), high line rate, low power consumption, and low noise, along with 32x analog gain and conversion gains, bringing fast, premium vision outputs to high-end industrial line scan cameras.

Main features

8K/16K vision outputs

Both SC830LA and SC1630LA achieve high QE, high line rate, and low power consumption, by employing SmartSens’ advanced technologies including SmartClarity®-3 and analog circuit. The stitching process enables ultra-high resolution and significant QE improvement of the two BSI image sensors. Both SC830LA and SC1630LA have QE of up to 90%, which is around 23% higher than similar products in the industry, allowing for industrial monitoring and analysis in low-light/illumination conditions. The two sensors support 32x analog gain, which significantly reduces their power consumption in operation. Compared with similar products in the industry, SC830LA and SC1630LA provide around 60% power consumption savings, supporting industrial line scan cameras in long-hour operation with less heat generated. In terms of line rate, SC830LA reaches high line rate of up to 200kHz, enabling its fast image capture for industrial applications such as industrial automation and object tracking.

In addition, both sensors have monochrome and color versions. The monochrome version supports 1-line, 2-line, 3-line, and 4-line modes, which can be selectively enabled for better image quality. The color version supports quadlinear mode (in RGBW), which delivers precise vision outputs with rich details in true-to-life colors.

Enhanced image quality

To deal with complex lighting conditions in industrial inspection, SC830LA and SC1630LA are equipped with conversion gains technology, which selectively switches between High Conversion Gain (HCG) and Low Conversion Gain (LCG) modes according to the lighting conditions, resulting in the sensors’ optimized performance in dynamic range and noise control. In low light/illumination conditions, the HCG mode of the sensor is enabled to achieve higher sensitivity. SC830LA and SC1630LA have Full Well Capacity (FWC) of up to 10ke-, Maximum Signal-to-Noise Ratio (MaxSNR) of up to 40dB, and Read Noise (RN) of down to 4.77e-, yielding clearer image output with accurate details and reduced noise. In strong light/illumination conditions, the LCG mode of the sensor is enabled automatically. SC830LA and SC1630LA reach FWC of up to 34ke-, MaxSNR of up to 45dB, and RN of down to 6.8e-, offering defined, precise images. Thus, SC830LA and SC1630LA with conversion gains can further ensure the reliability and precision of industrial inspection.

“SmartSens’ new ultra-high resolution Linear CMOS image sensors, SC830LA and SC1630LA, meet the evolving market needs for high-end industrial cameras,” said Ms. Peiling Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer at SmartSens Technology. “As a technology-driven CIS supplier, SmartSens will be committed to research and innovation in advanced imaging technology, developing more high-performance, reliable vision solutions for industrial applications.”

Both SC830LA and SC1630LA are sampling now and will be mass-produced in Q4 2023. For more information or to request a sample, please contact SmartSens Sales Representatives:

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