SmartSens Announces Two New AI Series CMOS Image Sensors for AIoT and Security Applications


Shanghai, China, August 8, 2023 SmartSens Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE STAR MARKET: 688213), a technologically-advanced CMOS image sensor supplier, recently announced two new SmartSens Advanced Imaging (AI) Series CMOS image sensors, the 4-MegaPixel (MP) SC431AI and the 2MP SC231AI. Utilizing SmartSens’ latest technology, SmartClarity®-3, both sensors deliver enhanced performance in full-color night vision, low power consumption, and imaging at high temperatures, which are ideal for AIoT and security applications such as home IP cameras and multi-camera security systems.

SmartClarity®-3 integrates multiple advanced technologies, including 12-inch wafer process, SFCPixel®, PixGain, NIR+, ultra-low noise readout circuit, and color process, allowing for sensors’ full-color night vision at star-light level, high dynamic range, improved NIR light sensitivity, and thereby launching the next-generation upgrades of SmartSens AI Series.

Main features

Full-color night vision

Employing SmartClarity®-3 technology, both SC431AI and SC231AI feature improved imaging performance in full-color night vision. SmartSens’ proprietary SFCPixel® technology and the advanced BSI pixel structure enable both sensors to achieve high sensitivity and Quantum Efficiency (QE). Take SC431AI as an example. SC431AI has QE of up to 88% at the 520nm wavelength of visible light, and up to 23% at the 850nm wavelength of NIR light. Compared with its predecessor, SC431AI has a 28% increase in Full Well Capacity (FWC), a 1dB rise in Maximum Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Max SNR), and a 4dB growth in dynamic range, yielding its clear image captures with rich highlight and shadow details in daytime or night scenes. In addition, SmartSens’ upgraded color process brings vivid colors to the sensors’ image output.

Imaging at high temperatures

Both sensors produce images with optimized performance even at high temperatures, by leveraging SmartSens’ advanced technologies including ultra-low noise readout circuit. Compared with its predecessor, SC231AI has a 36% drop in PRNU and an 8% reduction in Read Noise (RN). At a temperature of 80°C, SC231AI has a 54% fall in Dark Current (DC) and a 63% slump in Dark Shading when compared with its predecessor, resulting in its high-quality image output in high-temperature environments.

Low power consumption

The precise control of internal modules drops the power consumption of both sensors. At a frame rate of 30fps, SC431AI and SC231AI achieve significantly low power consumption of less than 75mW and less than 100mW, respectively, supporting battery-powered cameras like home IP cameras to capture videos 24/7.

“The booming of AI-enabled IoT and security applications drives the demands for cameras with improved overall performance,” said Ms. Peiling Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer at SmartSens Technology. “The two new AI Series image sensors, SC431AI and SC231AI, employs SmartSens’ latest SmartClarity®-3 technology, delivering enhanced performance in full-color night vision, low power consumption, and imaging at high temperatures. SmartSens is planning to launch more next-generation AI Series image sensors with SmartClarity®-3, addressing customers’ needs to create high-performance, cost-effective AI-enabled vision solutions.”

SC431AI & SC231AI are sampling now and will be mass-produced in Q4 2023. For more information or to request a sample, please contact SmartSens Sales Representatives:

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