SmartSens Announces Two New High Frame Rate CMOS Image Sensors for Industrial Machine Vision Cameras


Shanghai, China, May 25, 2023 SmartSens Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE STAR MARKET: 688213), a technologically-advanced CMOS Image Sensor supplier, recently announced two new high frame rate CMOS image sensors for industrial machine vision cameras, the 2-MegaPixel (MP) SC235HGS and the 1.3MP SC135HGS. Incorporating SmartSens’ advanced technologies including SmartGS®-2 Plus, the two sensors achieve high imaging performance, high speed, and high dynamic range, bringing high-precision, high-speed image capture to industrial machine vision applications such as industrial inspection.

SmartSens has launched eight CMOS Image Sensors (CISs) for machine vision applications, and will further release more high-speed industrial CIS solutions that empower customer applications with reliable, high-quality imaging performance.

Main features

High imaging performance

Global shutter CMOS image sensors are widely used in industrial machine vision applications such as object inspection and detection, picking and sorting, as a result of their high-quality, real-time image capture with no motion artifacts. Utilizing SmartSens’ advanced technologies including SmartGS®-2 Plus and High Density MIM (HD MIM), the two BSI global shutter CISs with a pixel size of 3.45μm deliver even more enhanced imaging performance than their 4.0μm pixel predecessors, including:

1) High sensitivity: Employing SmartSens’ proprietary SFCPixel® technology, both SC235HGS and SC135HGS achieve high sensitivity of up to 13490mV/lux*s, enabling their bright, clear image capture in low light/illumination conditions, thereby providing industrial machine vision applications with accurate image data of the inspected objects.

2) High QE: With SmartGS®-2 Plus, the SC235HGS and SC135HGS image sensors reach peak QE of up to 90%, which is about 7% higher than their predecessors, allowing for accurate inspection and measurement of objects on the automated production lines.

3) Low noise: SmartSens’ advanced ultra-low noise readout circuit equips both SC235HGS and SC135HGS to deliver enhanced imaging performance with low noise in high-temperature environments. Compared with their predecessors, the two sensors’ Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) is down roughly 77% to 2.03e- at 16x gain, Photo Response Non-Uniformity (PRNU) is reduced by over 26% to 0.62%, and DarkCurrent (DC) is reduced by over 39% to 350e-/s at a temperature of 80°C. As a result, both sensors provide defined, low-noise image output, even at high temperatures.

High speed

With SmartSens’ advanced technologies including SmartGS®-2 Plus and high frame rate process, SC235HGS and SC135HGS have high shutter speed (PLS>40000) and high frame rate of 130fps and 160fps respectively, yielding significant improvement of the sensors’ stability and speed for image capture, thus enabling industrial machine vision applications to achieve real-time, high-precision object monitor and inspection on the production lines.

High dynamic range

To address the need of industrial machine vision cameras’ operation across a range of challenging lighting conditions, CISs with HDR enable more precise image output with richer details and patterns under complex lighting conditions. As global shutter CMOS image sensors with HDR, both SC235HGS and SC135HGS can output artifact-free image with rich highlight and shadow details at a dynamic range of over 90dB, in which the exposure of every single frame can be adjusted flexibly. This leads to higher precision and reliability of object inspection under difficult or harsh lighting conditions.

“The rapid development of AI technology is creating better conditions and environments for various industries and has gradually become a driving force for productivity upgrade. Especially in the industry, more and more manufacturers are adopting machine vision systems for automated inspection to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and thus achieving a maximized manufacturing benefits,” said Ms. Peiling Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of SmartSens Technology, “As a technologically-driven CIS supplier, SmartSens began to explore the blue ocean of machine vision in 2018, and has developed industrial CIS solutions that successfully address customers’ needs of better product competitiveness in the market. SmartSens will continue its dedication to the innovation of imaging technology, supporting manufacturers to improve quality, boost efficiency, and reduce costs by providing cutting-edge machine vision CMOS image sensor solutions, thereby paving the way toward high-quality development of manufacturing.”

SC235HGS and SC135HGS are sampling now and will be mass-produced in Q4 2023. For more information or to request a sample, please contact SmartSens Sales Representatives:

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