SmartSens Releases Two CMOS Image Sensors with Integrated ISP and TX Interface for Automotive Cameras


SmartSens today announced the SC031AP and SC101APtwo CMOS image sensors integrating ISP and TX interface for automotive camera applications. ­­­

Both products use on-chip ISP for YUV422 output. Besides, data saved in the EEPROM will load automatically to each product upon powering up. Additional features include upgraded DSI-2 technology, SFCPixel® technology and low noise reading circuit design. Therefore, the SC101AP improves QE by 31%, sensitivity by 53% and FWC by 29% in comparison with the predecessor. Furthermore, the SC031AP and SC101AP reduce Crosstalk by 18% and 13%; the SC013AP and SC101AP also lower power consumption by 26mW and 17mW respectively compared with the previous generation.

Both are now available for sampling. The SC031AP is expected to achieve mass production in Q4 of 2021 and the SC101AP is forecast to accomplish mass production in Q1 of 2022.