SmartSens Launches 1.0 μm Pixel, 16MP CMOS Image Sensor with QCell Technology for Mobile Phone Front Facing Cameras


SmartSens today launched the SC1600CS, a 16MP CMOS image sensor with a 1.0 µm pixel size that enables 16MP resolution in a 1/3.06” optical format, targeting at front-facing cellphone camera applications.

The SC1600CS offers 16MP resolution with the smallest pixel size in SmartSens’ products at 1.0 µm. It also features SFCPixel® technology and low noise reading circuit design to deliver full-color night vision. Furthermore, the SC1600CS integrates QCell technology to provide QCell Bin mode. The QCell color filter array on the SC1600CS uses QCell binning to output 4MP images with 3x the sensitivity, improving the SNR and dynamic range by 13% and 8.5dB respectively.

The SC1600CS is currently available for sampling and expected to achieve mass production in Q4 of 2021.