SmartSens Launches 3MP SC301IoT in IoT Series


SmartSens today launched the SC301IoT, a new 3MP image sensor in IoT Series for always-on IoT applications.

The SC301IoT provides 2048 x 1536 resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio and boosts the sensitivity by 16% in comparison with its predecessors through implementing proprietary SFCPixel® technology. Additionally, it brings 0.9e- RN and 0.3e- FPN with full-color night vision. The SC301IoT utilizes SmartSens’ PixGain technology to improve the FWC by 124% and dynamic range by 5 dB compared to the previous generations of the product. It also supports up to 100dB Staggered HDR and reduces Blooming to 15%.

The SC301IoT’s always-on feature includes fast wake-up as well as low power consumption. Tests find that the SC301IoT can go from powered off to fully functional within 60 ms due to SmartSens’ SmartAEC technology. Benefiting from low power consumption circuit design, the sensor requires merely 160mW under operating conditions and 650μW in standby mode.