SmartSens Releases SC850SL in Star Light Series to Provide 4K Full-Color Night Vision Video Performance


SmartSens today released the SC850SL, a 4K-resolution image sensor in a new Star Light (SL) Series product lineup for high-end night vision cameras.

The 8MP SC850SL features stack BSI and rolling shutter process and therefore offers 15% sensitivity over its type on the market. Also, compared with similar products in the industry, the SC850SL leverages SmartSens’ ultra-low noise reading circuit design to reduce the RN and FPN by 69% and 59% respectively. Hence, the SC850SL brings vibrant full-color night vision. Additionally, with SmartSens’ 2nd Gen NIR+ Technology, the QE of the SC850SL is boosted up by 55% at 850 nm and 80% at 940 nm in comparison with the previous generation NIR+ technology, respectively. Furthermore, the sensor supports both the Staggered HDR with up to 100 dB dynamic range and PixGain HDR® without HDR combination artifacts. Additional features include enhanced SNR and higher image quality under high temperature conditions.