SmartSens Announces Three Sensors With Performance Upgrade Technology SmartClarity®-2


SmartSens today announced the SC230AI, SC430AI and its third 3K-resolution CIS SC530AI in the Advanced Imaging (AI) Series to include performance upgrade technology SmartClarity®-2. These three products target an assortment of 2MP to 5MP surveillance applications.

SmartClarity®-2 leverages SFCPixel® technology, PixGain technology, NIR+ technology and low noise reading circuit design to offer increased sensitivity and reduce the readout noise level by 21%. SmartSens NIR+ technology boosts Quantum Efficiency (QE), infusing the SC230AI with QE of 36% at 850nm and 21% at 940nm and results in better imaging performance under NIR wavelengths. Therefore, SmartClarity®-2 with BSI processing brings outstanding starlight full-color night vision.

SmartClarity®-2 provides up to 50% higher FWC compared with the mainstream sensors of its type, allowing for higher dynamic range and greater MaxSNR. Combing High Gain and Low Gain, PixGain technology captures high-quality video during daytime and nighttime. Additionally, SmartSens’ improved process of color filters delivers more vivid imaging. Each sensor is developed in a package that is Pin2Pin compatible with the previous generation and makes it an easy update for customers.