SmartSens Releases Automotive-Grade SC120AT With Built-in ISP


SmartSens today released its first CMOS image sensor integration product with built-in Image Signal Processor (ISP). The SC120AT is designed to provide smart solutions for a broad range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including autonomous driving, 360-degree surround view and driver monitoring.

The integrated ISP converts RAW data into YUV422 imaging output format. The SC120AT leverages SmartSens’ innovative proprietary SFCPixel® Technology and advanced image processing pipeline to deliver full-colour night vision and high dynamic range of 120 dB in 3-exposure HDR mode. It also features low light sensitivity of 8083mV/LUX*S and 0.67e- RMS read noise with an SNR1 rating of 0.24 lux.

The SC120AT comes in three packaging types--iBGA, CSP and COB, along with the RAW Sensor SC100AT in SmartSens’ Automotive Sensor (AT) Series product family to meet different customer needs.