SmartSens Announces 5MP Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor for Industrial Machine Vision Camera


Shanghai, China, October 20, 2023 SmartSens Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE STAR MARKET: 688213), a technologically-advanced CMOS image sensor supplier, recently announced SC535HGS, the 5-MegaPixel (MP) CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) for industrial machine vision camera. Utilizing Smartsens’ advanced technologies including SmartGS®-2 Plus, analog circuit, single-frame knee point HDR, etc., this BSI global shutter CIS features exceptional imaging performance, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and high speed, delivering fast, precise image output to industrial machine vision applications such as industrial inspection.

Main features

Exceptional imaging performance

The 5MP SC535HGS image sensor achieves exceptional imaging performance with its advantages including:

1) High QE and FWC: Employing SmartGS®-2 Plus technology, SC535HGS achieves peak QE and FWC of up to 91% and 16.6ke- respectively, approximately over 21% and 38% higher than similar products in the industry, enabling its precise image capture in low-light conditions.

2) Low noise: The High Density MIM (HD MIM) and SmartGS®-2 Plus used on SC535HGS yield significant improvement in noise control, thus the noise reduction performance of this global shutter sensor is close to rolling shutter CISs. SC535HGS has Read Noise (RN) of down to 2.44e- and Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) of down to 2e-, which are more than 30% and 72% lower than its predecessor respectively. At a temperature of 80°C, SC535HGS has DarkCurrent (DC) of down to 450e-/s, around 46% lower than its predecessor. These result in the sensor’s clear, detailed image output, even at high temperatures.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Unlike conventional HDR imaging, SC535HGS leverages SmartSens’ single-frame knee point HDR approach, which achieves non-linear optical response by expanding the dynamic range of the sensor via the control of pixel imaging sequence. As a result, the global shutter SC535HGS image sensor produces artifact-free HDR images with a dynamic range of up to 78dB, supporting high-end industrial machine vision applications to capture clear, precise images with rich highlight and shadow details under complex lighting conditions, and thus improving efficiency and quality control of production lines.

High speed

To address the need of real-time image data capture and processing, SC535HGS is equipped with multiple interfaces, high shutter speed and frame rate. SC535HGS supports both LVDS and MIPI interface, which allows for flexible, quick image data transmission. Furthermore, SC535HGS has Parasitic Light Sensitivity (PLS) of over 40000 and a frame rate of 80fps, enabling its fast, accurate image capture at high-speed operation environments such as production lines.

“With the newest addition, SC535HGS, SmartSens CIS solution for industrial machine vision applications now features resolution of up to 5MP,” said Ms. Peiling Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of SmartSens Technology, “The SC535HGS image sensor brings together high QE and FWC, single-frame knee point HDR, high speed, low noise, etc., which makes it ideal for high-end industrial machine vision applications such as barcode scanning and industrial inspection.”

SC535HGS is sampling now and will be mass-produced in Q4 2023. For more information or to request a sample, please contact SmartSens Sales Representatives:

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