Granting machine
systems the ability to perceive the world

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Equipped with the SmartSens CMOS image sensor, drones can perceive the surrounding environment, selecting the best route to avoid obstacles, while providing reliable flight feedback and better aerial photography .
Effective obstacle avoidance is achieved through 6 binocular vision sensors positioned in the front, back, and bottom of the drone
Housework Helper Upgraded
The CMOS image sensor enables adaptive navigation so cleaning robots can intelligently avoid obstacles .
Make Learning Smart and Easy
Smart scanners equipped with CMOS image sensors can quickly capture text images. Accurate and clear image data provides a high-quality foundation for intelligent calculation and recognition, making learning simpler and more efficient.
With the CMOS image sensor
all it takes to make a purchase is a smile.
Facial recognition only takes a split second
Facial recognition in progress
Transaction complete
Speed and Precision
Barcode readers allow for speedy and efficient collection of product information
Empowering smart logisticsFacilitating applications such as automatic sorting, warehousing, and transportation Empowering smart logistics Facilitating applications such as automatic sorting, warehousing, and transportation

Industrial Applications

Building smarter robots
More precise manufacturing and quality inspection application services
Technology Spotlight
BSI + Global Shutter technology
3D structured light technology
Ultra-high dynamic range
RGBIR technology
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