SmartSens Releases Performance Upgrade CMOS Image Sensors with DSI-2 Technology for Surveillance and Automotive Cameras


SmartSens today released the 1/3-inch, 2MP SC2336 and 1/2.8 inch, 3MP SC3336—two performance upgrade CMOS image sensors with DSI-2 technology, aiming at surveillance and automotive camera applications.

The two products both use SmartSens’ DSI-2 technology to provide improved low light performance. Take the SC2336, for example—it increases sensitivity by 46.2% compared to the previous generation. Additional features include SFCPixel® technology, low noise reading circuit design, boosted Chroma and reduced Blooming. Therefore, the SC2336 and SC3336 can deliver enhanced full-color night vision. Benefiting from SmartSens’ PixGain technology, the SC3336 supports high Gain and Low Gain to adjust to light changes between day and night. Furthermore, in comparison with its predecessor, the SC3336 offers a 60 percent improvement in FWC and expands dynamic range by 5dB.

The SC2336 has achieved mass production and the SC3336 is available for sampling now, with mass production expected in Q4 of 2021.