SmartSens Technology Releases Four New CIS with First-in-Industry DSI Imaging Technology


SmartSens recently announced the addition of four new CMOS image sensors outfitted with SmartSens’ new DSI imaging technology – SC2320, SC4335, SC5335 and SC8220. These sensors, which have resolutions of two to eight mega pixels, are the first in SmartSens’ portfolio to include proprietary DSI imaging technology since debuted at earlier ISC West 2019. The release of these sensors heralds the next generation of SmartSens’s SmartPixel™ technology, capable of even broader applications, such as under ultra-low-light conditions and wider area surveillance.

 Exceptional Imaging Capabilities Expected 

Known as SmartPixel-2™, SmartSens’ proprietary DSI imaging technology performs better than the first generation of image sensors utilizing FSI technology in the following ways:

·         Two-fold increase in Sensitivity

·         Five-fold reduction of Dark Current

·         Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio


When compared to other BSI technology, SC4335 performed with 42% higher sensitivity and 16% better dynamic range. Additionally, with an improved signal-to-noise ratio that makes them ideal for Artificial Intelligence applications, DSI sensors have the potential to dominate in the mid-market sector, setting a new standard for CMOS imaging sensitivity and better servicing the various applications that demand high definition imaging capabilities.

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 Built for a Broad Range of Applications 

In addition to enhanced general performance of DSI technology, the four new sensors are built to meet the specific needs of target applications.


·         SC8220 (8M pixels)

Primarily designed for Smart City, Smart Home and similar applications that require 4K high resolution and high quality videos, SC8220 supports both 4K resolutions and an 1/1.8" optical format, and is designed to be highly sensitive while keeping low in power consumption.

·         SC2320 (2M pixels), SC4335 (4M pixels) and SC5335 (5M pixels)

Primarily designed for Security and Surveillance applications, these three sensors rely on their heightened sensitivity and improved signal-to-noise ratio to produce high clarity images even in dim lighting conditions, effectively resolving the industry's common issues of nighttime blur or ‘fog.’ SmartSens’ DSI sensors have specifically enhanced quantum efficiency in the Near-Infrared (NIR) region, i.e. 850nm-940nm wavelength. To maintain user friendliness, these three sensors are designed to fit the same industry standard 1/3" optical format, allowing for "Pin to Pin" compatibility, and making a smooth upgrade path.


SmartSens COO Mr. William Ma expresses: “In the era of interconnectivity, IoT, Security & Surveillance, Smart City, Smart Home and Artificial Intelligence applications all rely on ‘smart sensor chips’ to deliver high definition visual data. SmartSens dedicates in developing better performing, more compelling technologies and products.  SmartSens utilized its industry-leading process development, pixel technology and technology and circuit structure design capabilities to launch DSI sensors that better address our clients industry-specific needs.”

Four different DSI sensors are currently available to sampling, projected for mass production by the end of 2019. If interested in learning more about SmartSens’ DSI imaging technology, please contact us at:


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