SmartSens Launches 2 New CMOS Industrial Grade Image Sensors for Applications in Harsh Environment


SmartSens Technology, a global supplier of high-performance CMOS image sensors, today announced two new CMOS Image Sensors SC2310T and SC4210T. These newly launched image sensors leverage SmartSens’ unique pixel architecture to deliver superior ultra-low-light sensitivity, and high dynamic range (HDR) of 100db, on top of their industrial high temperature grade operation making them a perfect match for harsh environment applications.

Built on SmartSens’ unique pixel architecture, the newly launched devices SC2310T and SC4210T are specifically designed to provide high-end imaging while maintaining lower power consumption. Not only do these sensors capture images with high quality, they also ensure optimal sensor performance even in ultra-low-light conditions. These latest additions in SmartSens’ product portfolio are already leading the market with SNR1s of 0.21 lux. Additionally, to meet higher industrial standards, these devices are  able to operate in the extended high temperature range, from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.

SC4210T image.jpg

The two-megapixel SC2310T and four-megapixel SC4210T SmartClarity™ Sensors are based on BSI pixel technology and support video capture in 60 frames per second in HDR mode, keeping the image sharp and clear.

“Over the last nine years, we have built a rich portfolio of imaging sensors used in electronics and hardware products, including sports cameras, drones, robot cleaners, consumer automotive cameras, surveillance and smart home cameras. With the growing demand for superior quality imaging sensors outside of traditional consumer applications  SC2310T and SC4210T will extend our product line up for our customers,” said Chris Yiu, Chief Marketing Officer, SmartSens Technology. “The ability to deliver unparalleled image quality in extreme lighting conditions, and being able to operate under critical environment temperature range, makes the devices an attractive choice for next-generation catch-all video applications.”

SC2310T and SC4210T are currently available for sampling and are expected to enter volume production in July.

About SmartSens Technology

Founded in 2011, SmartSens Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading supplier of high-performance CMOS imaging systems worldwide and a forerunner in the video surveillance industry. Its products are widely used in the fields of vehicle-mounted imaging, machine vision and consumer electronics (sports cameras, drones, robot cleaners, smart home cameras, etc.). With research centers based in Shanghai and Beijing among others, the company focuses on providing future-oriented solutions and market-leading products. Coupled with cutting-edge technology and innovation, SmartSens is the industry’s first ever company to introduce the global shutter CIS sensors based on voltage domain architecture and stack BSI process. Since its founding, SmartSens has been committed to providing customers with high-quality smart sensors.


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