SmartSens officially launches the "SmartSensor" AI smart sensor chip platform concept


SmartSens, a leading provider of CMOS image sensors, recently announced the official launch of the “SmartSensor” AI smart sensor chip platform concept (hereafter referred to as the “SmartSensor Platform”). The "SmartSensor Platform" aims to promote the development of artificial intelligence technology, including the Internet of Things, by combining artificial intelligence algorithms with advanced sensor technologies to develop the next generation of "smart sensor chips."

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology in the field of IoT, its hardware implementation has two major trends - cloud computing and edge computing. Although the computing power of the cloud and edge is gradually strengthening and advanced communication technologies including 5G have also been applied, the current hardware conditions still cannot meet the increasing application requirements. Therefore, sensor-side computing, as a complement to cloud computing and edge-side computing, has become one of the hottest directions in hardware implementation.

Sensor-side computing, as its name implies, runs computing functions on the sensor, utilizing the computing power on the chip making the senor “intelligent”. By “proximizing” the data processing to the sensor side, developers can achieve faster data processing speeds, higher system efficiency, greater data privacy protection, reduce data transmission delays, save system power, and reduce artifacts. The network bandwidth requirements, as well as the reduction of system hardware implementation costs, enable hardware innovation of the Internet of Things from the sensor side.





SmartSens is confident in the future of "smart sensors" and the ability to package data processing in sensor chips is inseparable from the support of 3D chip manufacturing technology. SmartSens has selected TSMC's world-leading 3D chip manufacturing process for its "SmartSensor Platform" as its development platform, and hopes to work with leading partners to achieve innovative "smart sensor" designs, further promoting the Internet of Things industry and development of artificial intelligence technology.

In the future, "smart sensor chips" will be widely used in security, smart cities and other scenarios. In these scenarios there are often a large number of application requirements, such as face recognition and license plate recognition, which require massive data processing. The "smart sensor chip" with data processing capabilities and an innovative artificial intelligence algorithm can solve the problems of data processing volume and data transmission bandwidth faced by these application scenarios, greatly improving system efficiency.

Tommy Wang, vice president of systems and algorithms at SmartSens, said: "Sensor-side computing and 'smart sensor chips' are one of the major trends in the future development of the IoT industry. To achieve this innovation, it is impossible to rely solely on sensor chip manufacturers. SmartSens launched the 'SmartSensor Platform' to explore the infinite possibilities of 'smart sensor chip' innovation by leveraging the strength of the entire industry through close collaboration with partners across the entire industry chain."

At Vision China 2019 held in Shanghai on March 20-22, SmartSens demonstrated the concept of “SmartSensor Platform” and will release more information on “SmartSensor Platform” development in the near future.

About SmartSens Technology

Founded in 2011, SmartSens Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading supplier of high-performance CMOS imaging systems worldwide and a forerunner in the video surveillance industry. Its products are widely used in the fields of vehicle-mounted imaging, machine vision and consumer electronics (sports cameras, drones, robot cleaners, smart home cameras, etc.). With research centers based in Shanghai and Beijing among others, the company focuses on providing future-oriented solutions and market-leading products. Coupled with cutting-edge technology and innovation, SmartSens is the industry’s first ever company to introduce the global shutter CIS sensors based on voltage domain architecture and stack BSI process. Since its founding, SmartSens has been committed to providing customers with high-quality smart sensors.


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