SmartSens released iLLUMiTM: star-level image sensor series!
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Shanghai, China, SmartSens Technology Inc., a leading global provider of digital image solutions, today announced the award-winning star-level image sensor family, TiLumiTM. The series includes three industry-leading star-level products, such as the SC5300, SC2300 and SC1200, with ultra-high sensitivity to perfectly capture full-color images at very low light conditions.

ILLUMiTM is an innovative pixel technology that has more than twice the sensitivity of ordinary sensors in visible and near infrared light areas and can be used to capture stunning high-quality full-color images. SmartSens Technology's three star-level products can be used to capture color images in very dark light, while the minimum illumination required to take black and white images close to 0Lux, which means iLLUMiTM can be invisible in the human eye can not see the night Shoot video.

The release of the three products, including 5 million resolution SC5300200 million resolution SC2300 and 100 million resolution SC1200, constitute the most powerful star-level product lineup, all-round multi-level to meet the needs of users The

According to SmartSens Technology: iLLUMiTM technology has the advantage of allowing the camera to shoot color images in low light conditions, without the use of infrared light or white light and other fill light. Eliminating the need for light system, the camera can not only design more compact, and can greatly reduce power consumption. So iLLUMiTM series of star-level image sensor can also help users to create a more reliable, environmentally friendly camera products. So the majority of customers are iLLUMiTM products expressed great expectations. Please contact SmartSens Technology's agent or distributor for details.

About SmartSens TechnologyTM

SmartSens TechnologyTM is a leading global provider of digital image solutions. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Xu Chen and more than one of the Silicon Valley elite selected by the National Thousand Talent Program. It has a leading global R & D in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, China team.

SmartSens TechnologyTM is currently the industry leader in video surveillance, covering applications such as security monitoring, automotive imaging, machine vision and consumer electronics (motion cameras, AR, VR, smartphones). Since its inception, SmartSens TechnologyTM has been committed to providing customers with high-quality video solutions with customer focus and innovationFor more information, please visit the official websitewww.smartsenstech.com

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