Near infrared sensitivity doubled! SmartSens NIR technology for mass production
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The 5-megapixel SC5035 is the first device in the SmartSens Technology TM CMOS image sensor lineup with the new technology, and its near-infrared (NIR) band is twice as susceptible to existing products. In the current security monitoring, machine vision and intelligent transportation systems and other applications, the night infrared fill light wavelengths concentrated in the 850nm ~ 940nm near infrared band. So the sensitivity of the near infrared band to enhance, can greatly enhance the product's night vision effect.

SmartSens TechnologyTM's near-infrared enhancement is due to its new pixel structure. In the new structure, the electron capture region of each pixel is extended to more fully capture the electrons generated by the near-infrared band photons. This special pixel structure makes the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the near infrared band more than doubled compared with the original technology. At the same time, the new structure of the adjacent photodiode do a deep isolation, reducing the crosstalk between pixels, improve image clarity.

SmartSens TechnologyTM CTO"Camera manufacturers and end customers continue to demonstrate that the market needs NIR-based products, we will continue to develop and advance this technology.SC5035 compared to our existing pixels, NIR sensitivity is very significant, we will be Use this technology to introduce more products. "

About SmartSens TechnologyTMSmartSens TechnologyTM is a leading global provider of digital image solutions. Founded in 2011, Dr. Xu Chen and many Silicon Valley Elite, selected by the National Thousand Program, have a global leader in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, China. R & D team.

SmartSens TechnologyTM is currently the industry leader in video surveillance, covering applications such as security monitoring, automotive imaging, machine vision and consumer electronics (motion cameras, AR, VR, smartphones). Since its inception, SmartSens TechnologyTM has been committed to providing customers with high-quality video solutions with customer focus and innovationFor more information, please visit the official website:www.smartsenstech.com

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