SmartSens released SC5035: ultra low illumination 5 million image sensor!
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Shanghai, China, SmartSens TechnologyTM Inc., the world's leading provider of digital image solutions, today announced the latest 500 million CMOS image sensor-SC5035. The product is based on the innovative SmartClarityTM technology, 1 / 2.7 '' optical size, the use of back-illuminated pixel structure, support line-base SmartHDRTM, with NIR enhancements, is a meet the industrial and consumer applications, high-end low-power Consumption of image sensors.


"SmartHDRTM not only can clearly reproduce the high dynamic range of the scene, but also can achieve low power consumption, to ensure that the chip at a higher temperature to work well," SmartSens Technology TM sales vice president Winston Chen said, "SC5035 has been mass production Of the same level of products in a leading position, we hope to see this industry - leading products in a wide range of applications can be widely used.

SmartSens TechnologyTM produced SC5035 can support 4: 3 and 16: 9 aspect ratio to meet the digital and analog video surveillance all-weather scene application requirements; SC5035 has a wide range of platform support, but also to meet the high-resolution consumer application needs; The SC5035 is also well suited for capturing a variety of immersive videos to meet the needs of popular applications such as tablet PCs, smartphones and virtual reality.

Key features of the SC5035 include:

       · Low light intensity environment
· High dynamic range, line-base wide dynamic
· Supports external control frame rate and multi sensor synchronization
· Low power consumption

SC5035 with the production of the same level of product image comparison:

SC5035 has been able to provide samples, is expected in the beginning of April 2017 can be mass production.

AboutSmartSens TechnologyTM

SmartSens TechnologyTMIs a leading global provider of digital image solutions. The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Xu Chen and more than one Silicon Valley elite selected by the National Thousand Talents Program. It has a leading R & D team in Silicon Valley and Shanghai, China.
SmartSens TechnologyTM is currently the industry leader in video surveillance, covering applications such as security monitoring, automotive imaging, machine vision and consumer electronics (motion cameras, AR, VR, smartphones). Since its inception, SmartSens TechnologyTM has been committed to providing customers with high-quality video solutions with customer focus and innovation

For more information, please visit the official websitewww.smartsenstech.com

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